“Welcome to the start of something very special”

“We all acknowledge that there is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the region, the chance to bring significant economic, social and environmental benefits for the local population and future generations. We must ensure that our plans reflect this potential to deliver something we can all be proud of.
Cornwall is a very special place, rich with cultural heritage and identity. It is well established as a tourist destination nationally and globally and there is a justifiable level of pride in the County amongst those that live here. Revitalising the landscape and the economy of Mid Cornwall is the driving force behind our plans and I believe if we all work together we can deliver something truly special. Together with the existing communities and our partners, we want to create something that stands out as a vibrant and sustainable place to live, work and visit.
Sustainability is at the heart of our proposals – as you will see on our website it runs through all our plans, in both the preservation of natural and cultural environments, and also in the creation of low carbon communities.
This website outlines some of our key values, project themes and project proposals.
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